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The Playlist

We love supporting artists. Take a listen to some of our playlists to find the best new music by artists that you won't hear on your radio. 

We don't charge artists to submit songs to our playlists so you know it has the Hippo stamp of approval.

Choose Your Channel

Hippo Radio Listen to our favourite finds from our radio show hosted every Thursday night on TikTok at 7pm PST

Hidden Gems Listen to new music before it takes off. No songs with 1000+ streams here. If you want to find a gem before all of your friends, this is the place to be. We accept all submissions to this playlist.

Lucky Finds These artists are slowly making their way up the Spotify ladder, but you'll still be one of the OG fans. Be a true hipster and brag to your friends about how you knew all about that hot new artist BEFORE they hit 1000 monthly listeners.

Pool-side + Chill Vibes Want to feel that summer heat and smell that sunscreen even when it's -10 outside? Then this is the place for you.

Breakup Songs BUT You're Pissed Modern pop for when you're ready to burn the clothes they left at your house. You'll find no ballads to cry along to here.

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