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Our Heritage Minutes...

Updated: Mar 28

Once upon a time, there was an artist who was filling out her song information when she came across the field "Label Name". Sure, she could leave it empty, but where's the fun in that?

Hmm something clever, maybe "Enigma Records"? Nope, taken, plus it just wasn't Canuck enough. She needed something... mysterious... something Canadian... something that would give those in the know a chuckle but leave everyone else wondering "WTF?"

So, she came up with HAUS Hippo Records and that was that. (Ok maybe it needed an instagram page just to make it look official).

At first, it was just a joke, a throwaway TikTok. But then, people started taking notice. People started applying to join the team? They loved the name and the branding. And before she knew it, HAUS Hippo Records was... a thing?

But how does one start a label? There was no money, just marketing and business experience.

Turns out those are some of the things musicians HATE doing.

So she decided to pivot from being a joke to a serious record label. It was no longer a lone hippo, but a "bloat" (google it). They wanted to offer musicians a chance to focus on their art while leaving the business side of things to the... well the bloat.

And now HAUS Hippo Records is proud to be a (semi) legitimate player in the music industry. Sure they're not giving out 1/2 million advances but they have a small roster of talented artists, a loyal following, and the skills to help musicians succeed.

So, if you're a small artist looking for a record label that understands your needs, look no further than HAUS Hippo Records. We're here to help, so you can focus on what's most important - the music.

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